A Whole New Meaning to "Exploding Pen"

You’d think the worst that could happen if an ink pen exploded would be a giant blue stain on your favourite white shirt.

Exploding Pen

But take a look at this video that shows how easily a simple ballpoint pen can be converted into a dangerous bomb using a binary explosive.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t reveal exactly what materials are involved, just makes clear that it’s not terribly difficult.

That was, what, a tenth of the material the pen could have held? Suddenly, the stories about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s explosive underwear don’t seem so funny.

Anyone ever had trouble getting a pen through airport security? We’d like to hear if you’ve ever been stopped because of your pen.

3 thoughts on “A Whole New Meaning to "Exploding Pen"”

  1. You’re right, there’s nothing metallic to show up on the scanner. It would take an alert security guard to notice that the pen is missing its ink cartridge and spring.

  2. Thats bad, how easily a bomb can be crafted and then concealed within something so ordinary as a pen?

    You know, I actually don’t think customs would be that bothered by it, even if they scanned it, what will they find? It wouldn’t even look that much out of the ordinary on an x-ray as far as I can see, what do you think?


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