Custom Color Sharpie Packs on Etsy

While browsing the crafts marketplace Etsy, we stumbled across a little supplies shop we thought some of our readers might be interested in.

BeckyCharms & Co. sells packs of Sharpie markers in custom color-coded sets that are meant to inspire specific moods and themes.

Becky Charms Sharpies

For example, the Pumpkin Pie Spice set is a pack of brown and orange; Pretty Poinsettia is pinks and reds and greens; and the Camo Military is olive green, brown, black and silver. Depending on the theme, packs contain between three and six Sharpies.

Becky told us she’s loved shopping for pens since she was a kid, so the idea of making the Sharpie packs just came naturally.

No one else carries them, they are unique, and they express what I’m ‘trying to say.’  Why Sharpies?  I love the product, I love to write, I use them for everything, they last, and they always work from the very first uncapping.
Seemed like a cute, fun idea to us. What do you guys think?
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