Edding 400 Permanent Marker Bullet Tip – Review

Edding are well known for offering a wide range of top quality markers. Renowned for their expertise on the marker front for over 50 years, the company strives to solve problems through innovation providing products for a wide variety of uses.

Edding 400 Marker Black


Grouped into a number of categories that include Creating & Decorating, Colour & Play & Organising & Marking. The Edding 400 Permanent Marker comes under the Professional heading & is a permanent marker with a fine bullet tip.

This marker will write on pretty much anything you want it to including

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Ceramics

The ink has low odour & is free from xylene, a toxic solvent that can irritate the eyes & cause headaches amongst other things, as well as benefiting from being quick drying. Having a fine bullet tip meant I was able to create a few iffy looking stencils by way of a written example, art has never been one of my strong points as you will see! This marker is smudge proof (which I can vouch for) it’s also waterproof & lightfast. The tip is durable but can be replaced with 400N nibs, they can also be refilled with ink.  I did wonder if anybody does this as the marker is a reasonable price so I’d probably just get a new one.

Available in a wide range of 10 colours as well as the standard black, brown there are several bright shades like pink, violet & yellow to choose from which I think makes them as suited to art & creative pursuits as it does to marking work tools as demonstrated on edding’s web site.



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