How I Learned to Touch Type in 14 Days for Free

How I Learned to Touch Type

As someone who spends their spare time writing with and blogging about pens, pencils, and other stationery you may be wondering why I have decided to learn to touch type?

The answer is quite simple productivity or the lack of it. Here is my journey of how I learned to touch type for free in only 14 days, yes that’s right I did not pay a dime for the typing programmes and used two that are freely available online.

I did buy new keyboard  but you will have to read on to find out why.

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Parker 51 Fountain Pen Review (My First Fountain Pen)

Parker 51

This is my review of the Parker 51 fountain pen, I shall start with a confession: Until quite recently I had never used a fountain pen, but today I am the proud owner of my first fountain pen a Parker 51. So how did I come to choose the classic Parker 51 fountain pen as my first very first fountain pen?

Somehow I had managed to get to the wrong side of 40 without ever having written a single letter using this particular type of pen. Contrary to popular belief, it is not compulsory to be taught how to write with a fountain pen in every school in the UK. Whether or not it should be is perhaps a subject for a different post.

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8 Fountain Pen Alternatives

Fountain Pen Alternatives

Fountain pens are widely considered the ultimate in writing instruments, but as popular as they are, fountain pens just aren’t for everyone.but are there any alternatives?

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Interview: Rosemary Gemmell, Novelist

If the mind is a well of creativity, the trick is figuring out how to tap it.

For some writers, like Scottish novelist Rosemary Gemmell, the solution is as simple as a pen.

It becomes the conduit between thought and reality. As the ink flows, so do the ideas, and characters and story begin to take shape.

Today, Rosemary takes a little time to share how pen-and-paper work for her.

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