Artist Turns Rocks Into Doodlestones


(Update: Bryan Payne’s mother Barb just let us know that there is a DoodlestonesUK community on Facebook.)

OK, this is a project that should go global. We’re going to say right up front, we’d love to see this happening in the UK.

What “this” do we mean?

Doodlestones, a project created by a man in St. Louis, Missouri named Bryan Payne. He uses markers to draw faces and other features on small, flat stones, then hides them in places around town. Sometimes, he lays them flat in an unobtrusive spot, other times he uses Scotch mounting putty to attach them to surfaces.

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Pilot G2 + Potato Message = Money

Potatoe Message

I thought this was a joke when I first heard it that someone is making money with nothing more than a Pilot G2 Gel Pen and some Potatoes. Actually, I’m still not convinced that it isn’t a big hoax.

But it was on TV, so it has to be true, right?

A man in Texas – it would have to be Texas, wouldn’t it – has created a business out of writing on potatoes with a Pilot G2 and sending them to people.

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Teachers Making Good Use Of Red Pens

Marked with Red Ink

The color of ink that teachers use to mark papers occasionally stirs up a fuss in the UK as some schools move away from red pens. The idea is that red ink leaves a negative impression on students and alienates them from their teachers. There’s some research to support that idea.

But with school starting up again, I’ve been doing some more reading about ink colors and marking. And it seems that maybe red pens have a place in the classroom, after all. Teachers using red ink pens to comment helps to clearly differentiate from the original work, but it is essential that the red ink is not used in a negative way.

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ARC Pen To Help Parkinson’s Patients Write

Arc pen

If you’re someone who loves the feel and experience of writing by hand, could you imagine losing that ability?

It happens to Parkinson’s patients who develop bradykinesia, a symptom which slows movement and affects fine motor control. Writing becomes painful, leading to small, cramped handwriting, called micrographia.

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Jerry Seinfeld Is A Bic Pen Man

Jerry Seinfield bic pen

A friend of mine sent this to me the other day. Its an interview with comedian Jerry Seinfeld from a couple of years ago about this writing process.

It seems that he keeps it very simple when he’s working on jokes: A yellow legal pad and a blue Bic Cristal.

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