Good Handwriting Rewarded at Kentucky School

Schaeffer Calligraphy Pen1

Here’s an interesting follow-up to yesterday’s post about the demise of handwriting: A Kentucky newspaper has a story about a teacher at Lafayette High School who, dismayed at the lack of cursive handwriting skills in his students, put them up to a penmanship contest – and rewarded the winners with fountain pens.

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Is Handwriting Really Obsolete?

Handwriting Sample Text

There has been much written in the media over the last several months about the supposed death of handwriting, with some writers gladly bidding goodbye to cursive.

Which is all very funny, given the results of a new study coming out of the University of Washington. Perhaps you’ve heard. Researchers found that children wrote faster and wrote more when composing essays with pen and paper than when using keyboards.

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Montblanc Boo-Boos with £15,000 Gandhi Pen

Montblanc Ghandi Pen

What better way to honour a man devoted to a life of peace and poverty than with a pen made only for the very rich? Apparently, that was the thinking at Montblanc, the German maker of high-end writing instruments. The company has released a special limited edition fountain pen bearing the likeness of Mohandas Gandhi, just in time for the 140th anniversary of his birth.

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