In Case You Need To Know How To Sharpen Pencils

Here’s a funny little item that popped up recently in the New Yorker: A book by David Rees on, and we’re not making this up, how to sharpen pencils.

It’s more humor book than actual instructions, but it does have a couple of interesting tips, including how to use a pocket knife to sharpen your pencil and the pros and cons of using sandpaper. Also, oddly, a brief bit on wines that taste like pencils.

As described in the New Yorker piece, Rees actually shot a tongue-in-cheek commercial for his book spoofing late night infomericals and gimmicky Ginsu knife-style commercials. It stars New Yorker copy editor Mary Norris, who frequently writes about pencils, and is playing on VH1, E!, and Comedy Central, among others.

The introduction to the book is written by humor and The Daily Show resident expert on everything John Hodgman.

How to Sharpen Pencils

Might make a cute Christmas gift for a pencil fan if you hurry.

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