Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Special Edition 2016

Lamy Safara Fountain Pen Special Edition 2016

Every year in April Lamy release a special edition colour for their best selling Lamy Safari range of Pens. These are a limited edition so they are usually only available for a few months.

This year’s colour is dark lilac and it is proving to be one of their most popular colours released so far.

The Lamy safari dark lilac pens and the full range of Lamy safari pens are available to buy now at all good retailers.



3 thoughts on “Lamy Safari Dark Lilac Special Edition 2016”

  1. Lamy will see the enthusiasm for this end of the color spectrum and give us a few more shades of purple to balance out all those greens . I was able to get the Dark Lilac fountain pen but now I would like to order for the ink too.


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