Best Pen Forums (Start Here!)

The Best Pen Forums

When it comes to finding the best pen forums then you may be forgiven for thinking that there is only the Fountain Pen Network.

Whilst they may be the biggest pen forum online there are alternative forums out there that offer something different. FP Geeks is worth checking out as is Reddit, not to mention international pen forums.

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What Wood are Pencils Made of?

What Wood are Pencils Made of

In this guide, we show you 14 different types of wood that pencils are made of and which type of wood is best for making pencils. We will also show you which type of wood each of the different pencil manufacturers or suppliers are using.

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How Long is a Pen?

What is the Length of a Pen

There are thousands of pens in the world made by hundreds of different manufacturers and it got us to thinking as to what the average length of a pen is? There are no set standards that to be classed as a ballpoint pen you must be a certain amount of length in mm, cm or inches.

Yet when you are in a stationery store that sells lots of different pens they all look similar in length. This means that the pen manufacturers must have done testing to find the optimal length of their pens. So we dug a little deeper well actually a lot deeper and looked at the length of the pens that are sold by one of the major online retailers to find out how long is a pen?

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The Biggest Pencils in The World

The Worlds Biggest Pencil

When it comes to being the world’s biggest pencil then size is everything but interestingly enough there are actually three different records for the largest pencil in the world. The most prestigious is the world’s biggest pencil which has a graphite core. Then there is the world’s biggest coloring pencil.

But even though the giant-sized graphite and coloring pencils hold the world record for being the biggest and largest pencils and are ginormous they are not the longest. There is a separate world record for the World’s longest pencil.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils

The Complete Guide to Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils

This Ultimate Guide to Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils includes how they are made, the type of wood is used, what the different types of pencils are, and much more.

Dixon Ticonderoga is one of the oldest and the largest pencil manufacturers in the USA. They dominate the U.S pencil-making industry producing over 2.5 billion pencils a year. The company’s corporate headquarters are in Florida and its main center of operation is a distribution center at Macon in Georgia. Dixon Ticonderoga is famous for its classic yellow #2 pencils, which were first made in 1913.

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