Ready For A Month Of Letter Writing?

Person writing a letter

If you’ve been trying to get yourself motivated to write more letters, then February is the perfect month for you.

Two different events challenge people to spend February reviving the habit of communicating the old-fashioned way, with ink and paper.

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Engineers Explain How Click Pens Work

How Do Clicky Pens Work

Have you ever wondered how click pens work? So did I there have been many a time that I have sat at my desk idly clicking my ballpoint pen and passing the time away musing over how it makes its click.

I personally like the clicking noise a Parker ballpoint pen makes. When you press the button on a retractable Parker Jotter it has a reassuringly firm action and produces a distinct clicking sound. Anyway, I thought I would find out how a retractable pen works and was quite surprised at the amount of engineering that has gone into making a pen’s refill extend and retract from the barrel of a retractable ballpoint click pen.

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Bic Pen Ads Take Another Misstep

Bic Ad Boss Lady

I feel bad for the people who have to make Bic pen ads.

They just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to women.

Remember the “Bic For Her” campaign a few years ago? The French pen brand launched a version of the classic Cristal with pastel colors and a thinner barrel it said was supposed to fit a woman’s hand.

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Keeping Chinese Calligraphy Alive

Keeping Chinese Calligraphy Alive 1

When we think of the loss of handwriting as a common skill, we tend to think of it in terms of English handwriting.

But the Chinese are experiencing a similar issue with regards to traditional Chinese calligraphy. And now, as fewer and fewer people learn the painstaking handwriting craft, a core group of traditionalists are working to keep calligraphy alive.

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