Pen Carrier or Pen "Borrower"?

Pen Borrower return my stuff

Which person are you: The one who always has a pen or two in your pocket, or the one who borrows pens and, like as not, doesn’t return them?

(Shamefully, I’m one of the latter – although it’s usually not on purpose. The upside is I save a lot of money on pens.)

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Pilot FriXion PRO is the Same Pen, Just Dressed Up for Work

Pilot Ball Frixion Pro Black

Pilot has given its popular FriXion erasable gel pen a slight make-over. According to a release from the company, the Pilot FriXion PRO is meant to have a “more conventional look for business users.”

A Pilot rep said the changes are mainly cosmetic and that the PRO has the same performance as the original FriXion, although both now have 25 percent more “write-out distance.”

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