What is Pencil Lead Made Out of?

What is Pencil Lead Made Out Of

What is pencil lead made of & where does pencil lead come from? These are the questions you start pondering in the middle of a too-warm afternoon when you’re sitting at a desk with a pencil in your hand, working, when you’d rather be anywhere else but there.

In this guide, we are going to cover what material pencil lead is made from, where they get the raw materials to make pencils and how they make pencil lead. We will also dive into what colored pencil lead is made from as they use different materials to make colored pencils.

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Don’t Lose Your Pen – 5 Top Tips

Dont Lose Your Pen 5 Top Tips

It happens to everyone. You find the perfect pen – you know, cozy grip, smooth roll, the ink that comes out in clean, neat lines. You don’t want to lose this pen – and swear that you’ll never let it out of your sight. Everything’s great for a few weeks, or, if you’re lucky, a few months.

Then, suddenly it vanishes. Maybe you left it at the bank, or maybe some co-worker with light fingers snatched it when you weren’t looking. Whatever happened, you find yourself obsessively searching for it. Your purse, your car, the same desk drawers over and over again. But you never see that lost pen again.

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Where did ‘Poison Pen’ Come From?

Poison Pen

You’ve probably heard the term “poison pen” before.

There was a recent article in The Times reporting that actress Claire Forlani is being sued by an antiques dealer over a “poison pen” note about him that she sent to friends. People Magazine used it in a headline this summer to describe a letter that Tori Spelling’s mom wrote to “Middle-Aged Reality Show Stars (Like My Daughter).”

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