Papermate Tikky Ballpoint Pen Review

There are some that may say see one ballpoint you’ve seen them all. On the other hand you could argue that some are definitely more appealing to the eye than others. The Paper Mate Tikky does in my opinion fit into the latter category.

Papermate Tikky Ballpoint

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Marked as Paper Mate Tikky by Rotring this ballpoint was apparently a special edition as the result of a collaboration of the two labels.

I am putting one with a bright blue barrel to the test, it’s also available in black. The stylish grip section that Rotring state is ergonomically designed for control & comfort, reminds me of little building blocks. There are 6 rows of grey rubber around the barrel that is uniformly studded with 6 little blue squares.

Overall there is nothing boring about this pen, the mix of blue & grey incorporated with the trademark Rotring red circle & shiny clip & trims are certainly enough to get a second look.

The push button mechanism is a little loose but it doesn’t have an annoying rattle that I’ve experienced with some other retractable pens, & always does all you ask of it.

Whilst the writing experience is nothing out of the ordinary it didn’t skip on my watch, neither did I find blobs on the page.

The Paper Mate Tikky is supplied with blue ink & a medium tip but can be refilled using standard Parker style refills should you want to ring the changes with different colours or sizes.

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  1. What kind of refill did the Tikky come with? Papermate used to have some great blue ballpoint ink..which they put it into a Parker Style refill.
    Looks like a solid design.


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