Pen Thief Strikes in Parker’s (Old) Hometown

Well, actually, we don’t know that it was a thief. But blogger Steve Knox wrote in the Janesville (Wisc.) Gazette this week that he is mourning the loss of his favourite Parker Frontier after it disappeared from his desk.

Parker Frontier
Parker Frontier Fountain Pen

What the heck happened to it? More importantly, what the heck am I going to write with?

He’d had the pen since 1999, when he bought it in an employee sale at the company’s offices in Janesville.

(Parker Pens was founded in the town. The company headquarters was later moved to Newhaven, East Sussex before operations were transferred to France. The Janesville manufacturing plant was closed in ’99.)

You have our condolences, Steve. Maybe Santa will bring you a new one but I will be keeping a sharp eye on my trusty old Parker Jotter.

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