Pen vs. Pen: Pentel EnerGel and Pentel EnerGel Deluxe

In the argument over the best gel ink pens, the Pilot G2 and the Uni Jetstream usually get the most attention. But there’s an overlooked contender that, in our opinion, could beat them both for writing quality and comfort.

That’s the Pentel EnerGel With the much loved Pentel Energel BL60 sadly no longer available in the EnerGel family, there are two versions that compete for the best of the best.

Pentel BL27 Vs Pentel BL57

The Pentel EnerGel BL27 is the basic 0.7mm metal tip model, offering a slim aesthetically pleasing capped barrel in a pen that delivers dark, even lines. Its big brother is the Pentel EnerGel Deluxe BL57, which is everything the basic model is and then some.


Both pens boast sleek metallic designs that give barrel and cap a slightly futuristic look, making them appropriate for use in any setting, whether at home or the office. The EnerGel has a slimmer, slightly sexier profile, while the EnerGel Deluxe is the more solid-looking of the two.

The EnerGel Deluxe has two curving inlays of black plastic at the top of the silver cap, adding to the pen’s forward lean. That gives it an edge in appearance over the base EnerGel, which has grooves cut into the cap in the same spot. The clip on the Deluxe is also a little more attractive since it is tapered, compared to the straightforward blunt clip on the EnerGel clip.

Both pens also are made of about 50 percent of recycled materials.


The Deluxe has it all over the basic EngerGel in this area.

The EnerGel has a thin, short barrel that does not fit nearly as well into the hand, especially if the cap is not posted. It also has almost no grip to speak of, making it an uncomfortable pen for extended use.

Meanwhile, the Deluxe has a comfortably thick barrel that is weighty and well-balanced, and it offers a rubber grip that, while not as substantial as we’d prefer, serves as a much better cushion than on the base model.


There is a considerable difference in the writing experience between the EnerGel and the EnerGel Deluxe. Where the smoothness of the base model is slightly above average, the Deluxe is remarkable, providing an incredibly frictionless writing experience thanks to its easy-flow tip and combination liquid/gel acid-free ink.

Like the base model, it lays down bold dark lines with little bleeding, even on cheap paper. There is almost no skipping or clumping, and little to no blotting at pause points in the writing. That said, the Deluxe does write slightly wetter, so there is the possibility of smearing, as you can see in the writing sample.

The Deluxe is likely to run out of ink before the EnerGel, but where the Deluxe has a major advantage is that it’s refillable, while the base pen is not. And, for those who prefer larger pen tips, the Deluxe also is available 1.0 mm, instead of just the 0.7 mm tip.

With the advantage in appearance, comfort, and performance, the Deluxe is clearly the better choice of pen, especially when the difference in price typically is a matter of pennies.

If you’ve never tried a Pentel EnerGel, we highly recommend you put down your Pilot for a bit and give one a workout. You might find that it quickly becomes a favorite. in fact, the Pentel Energel with its vivid shade of green ink is one of our top 5 green ink pens.

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2 thoughts on “Pen vs. Pen: Pentel EnerGel and Pentel EnerGel Deluxe”

  1. I use the EnerGel needle tip (.5mm) for forms at work (need to be able to write clearly in small places so that it’s readable after the document is scanned) and it writes so smoothly and cleanly. I’ve used up about four since discovering them (I write a LOT at work, it seems!). If the refillable one came in the .5 size, I would switch in an instant.

  2. Thanks for the review. I had used the Deluxe model occasionally (got is as a promotional gift) and was reluctant to make the switch. I simply love fountain pens. However, I am starting a 10 day vacation today and for my Travel Journal I actually bought me the “EnerGel® Alloy RT”. I really like the quick drying ink which is much more practical when traveling. Also that I can refill the pen is great. I am looking forward to using extensively over the next few days …..


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