Axel Weinbrecht Beta Inkless Metal K Key Ring Pen

The Beta Key Ring with an inkless pen is high quality key ring with a compact inkless pen attached.

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The attached pen is a mini version of the Beta Inkless Metal Pocket Pen. It has a smooth cylindrical stainless steel barrel & a screw cap to protect the nib, as its name suggests it contains no ink.

The Nib of the pen is made from a special alloy, as you write it makes a mark by leaving a tiny amount of metal on the paper. This is a silvery colour and looks a little bit like the mark left by a pencil; however, it is a permanent mark that is smudge-proof. Because it contains no ink it will never dry out or leak and the tip can be sharpened with fine sandpaper if required.

The Beta Key Ring with an inkless metal pen can be used to write on virtually every paper surface, at all temperatures and in any climatic condition. It measures 5.5cm in length, weighs 35g & the diameter of the keyring is 29mm.

If you are looking for an unusual gift this is perfect and it is supplied in an attractive metal tin. Please note this pen is not suitable for children as there is a small amount of lead in the alloy nib.

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