Axel Weinbrecht Beta Inkless Metal Pen Copper

The Axel Weinbrecht Beta inkless metal pen is no ordinary pen. It has a copper coloured aluminium barrel & contains no ink.

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Made by the multi-award-winning German designer Axel Weinbrecht the Beta inkless pen is no ordinary pen. It has an elegant slim-line dark copper coloured anodized aluminium barrel and as its name suggests it contains no ink.

The Nib of the pen is made from a special alloy, as you write it makes a mark by leaving a tiny amount of metal on the paper. This is a silvery colour and looks a little bit like the mark left by a pencil; however, it is a permanent mark that is smudge-proof. The Beta inkless metal pen can be used to write on virtually every paper surface, at all temperatures and in any climatic condition.

Because it contains no ink it will never dry out or leak and the tip can be sharpened with fine sandpaper if required. You could leave it in a drawer for a hundred years and it would still work first time. If you are looking for an unusual gift then the Inkless metal pen is ideal and because it does not smudge it is great for left-handed users.

Please note this pen is not suitable for children as there is a small amount of lead in the alloy nib.

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