Berol Handwriting Pen Black

Smooth writing Berol Handwriting pens with a hardwearing plastic nib & black ink.

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The Berol Handwriting pen is a popular disposable plastic nibbed pen used in classrooms worldwide to help children develop a good handwriting style.The pen has a hard-wearing plastic tip which has a slight resistance to paper. This aids children by allowing them to be more controlled when forming letters and writes a 0.6mm line. Other features of the Berol Handwriting pen include washable ink.

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Berol Handwriting Pen - Black (Pack of 42)
  • Control to help early writers learn
  • Durable tip and bold washable black ink** for clearly visible marks on the page
  • Thick round shape makes the handwriting pens easy to hold
  • Bright barrel colours make handwriting more fun; Packaging may vary by pack
Berol Handwriting Pen - Black (Pack of 12)
  • Ventilated safety cap
  • Non-fading and washable ink (will wash out of most fabrics and hands)
  • Removable on most porous surfaces
  • Long writing length



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