Fisher Space Pen Refill – Silver Medium

Refill your Fisher Space Pen with this Genuine Fisher Space Pen Refill – Silver Medium Tip

This Fisher Space Pen refill is a pressurised refill that fits nearly all Fisher Space pens (except Fisher Q4 Multi-Pens) they are an extremely long lasting refill that can write nearly 3 times more than a traditional ballpoint pen refill.
Fisher Space pen refills are famous for being able to write upside down and at any angle as well as in extreme conditions from -34 degrees C up to 121 degrees C. Not only can it write in outer space but it can even write under water.
Fisher Space Pen refills are available in several colours and sizes which are:

PR1 – Blue Ink Medium Tip
PR1F – Blue Ink Fine Tip
PR1B – Blue Ink Broad Tip
PR2 – Red Ink Medium Tip
PR2F – Red Ink Fine Tip
PR2B – Red Ink Broad Tip
PR3 – Green Ink Medium Tip
PR3F – Green Ink Fine Tip
PR4 – Black Ink Medium Tip
PR4F – Black Ink Fine Tip
PR4B – Black Ink Broad Tip
PR5 – Burgundy Ink Medium Tip
PR6 – Purple Ink Medium Tip
PR8 – Brown Ink Medium Tip
PR9 – Turquoise Ink Medium Tip
PRSL – Silver Ink Medium Tip

Ink Colour

Tip Size

Ink Type

Tip Type


Refill Type

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