Kaweco Elegance Fountain Pen

The Kaweco Elegance is a slim fountain pen with an octagonal matt black barrel.

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The Kaweco Elegance is a slim fountain pen with an octagonal matt black barrel aluminium barrel. This is set off with a chrome cap that has a sprung metal pocket clip with Kaweco engraved on the clip. Inserted at the end of the cap is silver metal disc with the Kaweco logo on.

At the end of the barrel is a threaded section which the cap screws on to for posting, this helps to keep it nice and secure.

The Kaweco Elegance fountain pen measures 141mm with the cap closed, 168mm with the cap posted, 10mm in diameter and it weighs 21 grams.

It has a polished stainless steel nib that is available as an extra-fine, fine, medium, broad or extra broad. It can be refilled with Kaweco ink cartridges which are international standard size ink cartridges. If you prefer to use bottled ink there is an optional converter available.

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