Ohto Fude Ball 1.5mm Ballpoint Pen Red

Ohto Fude Ball is a smooth writing pen that produces broad dense red lines from its giant 1.5mm tip just like a brush pen.

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Wow are the 1st words that come to mind when describing the the Ohto Fude Ball 1.5mm rollerball pen. Traditionally a fude pen has a brush tip and is used to create beautiful bold handwriting.
However the Ohto Fude Ball is a super smooth writing rollerball that produces broad dense lines from its giant 1.5mm tip just like a brush, with many people finding it easier to use than a brush pen. The black pigment ink is jet black in colour & the red is a vibrant bold red colour. The ink is also lightfast & water resistant.
Because the Fude Ball pen puts a lot of ink onto the paper it is recommended to wipe the tip before using it to ensure best results.

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