Ohto Graphic Liner Set of 6 Assorted Tip Sizes

The Ohto graphic liner pen is an exceptional fine line pen with a metal rollerball tip, wallet containing all 6 pens.

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The Ohto graphic liner is an exceptionally designed fine line pen, giving optimum performance. Made in Japan it is one of the best fine line pens available with a smart black plastic barrel & a stainless steel pocket clip. Ohto graphic liner pens have a strong metal rollerball tip that is a very smooth writer, and gives a consistent line width. It has pigmented black ink that is both waterproof and fade proof. This wallet of 6 pens contains one each of the following sizes. 005 – 0.3mm tip that writes a 0.27mm wide line 01 – 0.4mm tip that writes a 0.32mm wide line 02 – 0.5mm tip that writes a 0.35mm wide line 03 – 0.7mm tip that writes a 0.40mm wide line 05 – 1.0mm tip that writes a 0.42mm wide line 10 – 1.5mm tip that writes a 0.52mm wide line
Also available as individual pens.

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