Ohto Super Promecha PM-1500P Drafting Pencil 0.9mm

Jam packed with features the top of the range Ohto Super Promeca Pm1509P metal drafting pencil uses 0.9mm lead.

The superb Ohto Super Promeca is the top of the Ohto Promeca range of mechanical pencils. It is a metal pencil made from aluminium and brass with a matt silver finish and packed with features.

It has a knurled grip area measuring 10.5mm in diameter and a lead grade indicator that can be set at HB, B, 4H, 3H, 2H, H, F, built into the push button. Underneath the push button is an eraser that can be replaced with Pilot GMS-K eraser refills. The lead diameter of the pencil is marked on top of the push button.

The Ohto Super Promecha pencil has a metal sprung pocket clip that can be removed if required by unscrewing the top part of the barrel.
What sets the Super Promecha PM 1509P pencil apart from other drafting pencils is that the length of the lead sleeve and the length of thelead can be individually set to your preference.

The lead sleeve can be set to between 0 and 5.0mm by holding the grip and turning the barrel. The length of lead dispensed can be set to between 0.2mm and 2.0mm using the adjuster that is accessed through a window in the barrel just above the grip.

The Ohto Super Promecha PM1509P Pencil weighs 19 grams and takes 0.9mm lead.

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