Pentel Clic Eraser

Pentel Clic Eraser – The Eraser that Looks Like a Pen


The Clic Eraser from Pentel is a cool gadget that belongs in the desk of every person who does any sort of writing at all.

Pentel Click eraser

It’s made like a pen with a long plastic body and a rubber grip, except instead of a pen cartridge, it contains a rubber shaft that can be ratcheted forward when you need to erase a pencil mistake. Just slide the pocket clip down, and the eraser extends to whatever length you need.

(But be careful…too far and the eraser will break.)

Because of the pen-like shape, it is much easier and more comfortable to use than the eraser on the end of a pencil or one of those clumsy rectangular ones you get at an office supply store. The small tip also gives you better control of the erasing surface, so you can remove a tiny mark or an entire line.

The eraser is more firm than typical erasers, but is gentle on most papers, and it leaves fewer eraser bits that require only a light brushing-away to remove.

Because the Clic Eraser is retractable, you don’t have to worry about the eraser getting dirty from rolling around in your desk or purse. Pencil lead also cleans off the eraser quite easily.

Pentel Clic Eraser refills are easy to find and usually cost less than £2.

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