Pilot Feed GP4 Four Colour Ballpoint Pen Review

A chunky 4 coloured multi ballpoint with a 1.0 tip can be found in the form of the Pilot Feed GP4 1.0. This pen is available with a translucent red, blue or clear barrel & has black, blue, green & red ink.

Pilot Feed GP4 BG Blue

Sitting in the sunshine on a warm September day, the clear translucent nib housing reminds me of a large crystal sparkling as it catches the rays whilst under my scrutiny. The soft black rubber grip section is around 4cm long with a ridged section close to the nib housing. The remainder of the barrel reveals the mechanics with springs & refills on view.

Changing the colour is as easy as 1 2 3, just press the fin of your choice until it clicks in place, the nib is protracted & ready to go, to retract all colours when not in use just slide a fin part of the way down & all nibs will be secreted away. I found the colour of the fins an accurate guide to the ink colour with exception of the black, this looked more grey than black to me. The nibs also have a colour coded ring if you need reassurance of the colour to be laid down on the page.  The pocket clip is a reasonable length & looks like it would be fairly durable.

However smart or attractive a pen is, (which I have to say this multi pen doesn’t come top of my list for looks) the performance has to be for me, one of most important factors.  The Pilot Feed GP4 was a very smooth writer, its ease of use would I’m sure be a benefit to those that had to record a lot of data, keep organised colour coded notes or make diagrams, without having to carry several pens around.  The simple colour change worked well with no issues of sticking. The chunky barrel was comfortable to hold & I didn’t find myself having to grip too hard resulting in tired fingers.

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  1. This is my go-to daily writer for any situation where my Pilot Metal Falcon would be overkill. The ink is smooth and the build quality is nice. For the price it’s a bargain, and the refills are cheap too. Being a multi-pen is the icing on the cake.


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