Pilot V Ball 7 RT Retractable Liquid Ink Rollerball 0.7mm Review

Should I be asked what I was looking for when buying a pen it would have to write a smooth sharp line, have a comfy grip & be retractable.

The Pilot V Ball 7 RT Liquid Ink Rollerball does at a first glance appear to have these attributes.

Pilot V Ball RT 5 Black

This pen has a 4cm rubber grip with a series of small indented circles set in 3 sections. I haven’t taken a tape measure to all the pens on the desk to check, but this grip feels longer than others. There is ample room for my fingers to move within it without slipping onto the barrel.

The liquid ink is airplane safe & writes a smooth fluent line which, with the help of the ink flow regulator apparently controls the ink until the very last drop.The Pilot V Ball 7 RT is available in 4 different colours. I am using a red one, they also come with blue, black & (green ink as used by spies)& are refillable. As the name suggests this rollerball has a 0.7mm tip which writes a 4mm line. The tungsten carbide ball is of the cone variety, as opposed to a needlepoint.

The latter is something I’d personally use if I wanted to write along a ruler to keep me on the straight & narrow. This cone tip is more robust & much more suited to my note scribbling habits.Not a bad pen to look at the rubber grip section has a series of small dots placed in 3 sections, they are hardly visible but you can feel them.

The barrel is a mix of red & silver, one side of barrel has 3 circles above the 0.7 size stamp, the other over pure liquid ink logo. The clip is flexible yet sturdy & the retraction mechanism is positive enough to withstand my frequent clicking, something I tend to when I’m in one of my thinking time modes.

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