The Top 10 Drafting & Mechanical Pencils

Top 10 Drafting Mechanical Pencils

The difference is clearly explained between a drafting & mechanical pencil with our top 5 recommendations for each pencil type.

Having been asked recently what the difference between Drafting & Mechanical Pencil is, I thought it would be an idea to explain what features that drafting pencil tends to have compared to mechanical pencils and list some of the more popular examples.

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The Top 5 Green Ink Pens

5 Green Pens we Reccomend

A couple of months ago, I wrote about teachers and students using green ink as part of a feedback system that focuses on improving work, instead of just highlighting mistakes.

That made me a little curious about green ink pens since I didn’t really have much experience with them. The few I’d used were pretty unimpressive, mostly because the ink was so pallid. So I decided to take a run through a bunch of green pens to find the ones that worked the best.

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5 Metallic Pens & Markers – Ideal for Christmas Cards

Sharpie Metallic Markers x 3

Now that we have entered the last month of the year & Christmas is fast approaching I’ve started to think about sending Christmas cards. Although I’m spoilt for choice for something to write with I usually just pick up something from the nearest desk tidy but have decided to break with tradition this year & give metallic pens & markers a whirl as they are rated as ideal for Christmas cards.

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