The Ultimate Parker Style G2 Refill Buyers Guide

The Ultimate Parker Style G2 Refills Buyers Guide

Do you have a pen that looks great and feels just right in your hand? But when you write, it just seems as though it could be a bit smoother, or perhaps the ink color doesn’t pop out from the page as much as you would like.

If your pen is fitted with a Parker Style G2 refill, you can change it for an alternative refill that will make your writing experience far more enjoyable.

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No Pen Refills…Says Who?

G207 Refill Blue

(Updated to correct the name of the columnist.)

Columnist Lori Borgman wrote a puzzling piece the other day complaining that it is all but impossible to find refills for ink pens, implying that the pen industry makes only disposables and is behind the curve when it comes to environmentally friendly products.

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