Pilot B2P Ballpoint Pen Fine 0.7mm Review

Pilot B2P BP F Blue

Although I don’t think of myself as the eco-warrior type I like to think that I try to do my bit for the environment. So when Pete asked me to review the Pilot B2P I was happy to oblige.  One of Pilot’s BeGreen range, these ballpoint pens are made using 94% recycled plastic & are also refillable. The Pilot B2P is a ballpoint with a 0.7mm tip & is made from translucent blue plastic.

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Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen Review

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen

Although I can’t honestly say that I recall my school days with too much affection as some, that’s not the case when it comes to writing instruments, I have vivid memories of my first “real pen” it was a Parker Jotter ballpoint pen.  I can remember wandering around the local newsagents & stationers, ferreting through the blister packs hanging on racks looking for the best color.

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Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen Review 0.5mm Nib

Preppy 03 Purple

When it comes to people’s choice of writing utensil I guess it is all down to personal preference.  I have written before that fountain pens have never been my first choice on the pen front. After reading about Rob who thinks that the Platinum Preppy is the best fountain pen in the world I was intrigued and decided to try out the Platinum Preppy fountain pen for myself.t. I also thought I’d get some help from an FP fanatic to write this review.

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Caran d’Ache 849 Fluo Review

caran d ache 849 green

I am looking at the Caran d’Ache 849 Fluo to review today.  In a vibrant lime shade, this retractable ballpoint is undoubtedly eye-catching.

Caran d’Ache is the only company in Switzerland to manufacture pens, pencils & luxury writing instruments.  Products are created by hand in workshops in Geneva, and the fusion of master craftsman & computer-assisted tools has helped the company gain recognition for superior quality & innovation.

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Pilot Rexgrip Ballpoint Pen Review Medium Tip (BPRG10RM)

Pilot Rexgrip BP M Black

I have always made a point of keeping a pen & paper in my car.  This morning, I was pleased to be able to reach into my glove compartment & pick up a Pilot Rexgrip.  Whilst taking a steady drive to the shops, somebody decided to try to park in my boot.

Details taken & not too much damage done, I thought that as I haven’t reviewed the Rexgip before I would bring it home & put it to the test.

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