Sharpie Rub a Dub Marker Review

When Sharpie decided to name a laundry marker I doubt nursery rhymes were on their mind. My first glance at the Rub-a-Dub marker had me reciting rub a dub three men in a tub to myself, yes I admit it’s a bit odd but I doubt I’m the only one with this little foible.

Shapie Laundry Marker

The Sharpie Rub a Dub is a marker pen, said to be ideal for all types of fabric it’s permanent & won’t fade in the wash or after a spin at the dry cleaners.

When it comes to writing, although this marker has a medium tip & I admit my writing is on the large side, personally I’d struggle to get a name on one of those purpose made tags. Maybe it would be easier on the labels in the clothes themselves but most of those I’ve looked at are on the small side too.

Whilst marketed as a laundry marker, I think it’s more versatile than that, I’d use this pen for labelling CD’s, DVD’s & even in the garden labelling prize specimens, if I had any that is!

Don’t know about other ladies out there but driving tends to ruin my heels, I decided to see if Sharpie could help, hey presto a perfect fix. Just filling in the scuff marks & gaps on said heels & they were good as new, albeit temporary until I’d been around town a few times. Another trick I found was to disguise a few tiny patches that appeared on a pair of black trousers after I’d inadvertently splashed bleach on them.

My verdict…..all in all a handy little pen, even if this particular Sharpie doesn’t go anywhere near a tub.

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