Staedtler Liquid Point 5 – Review

I love rollerballs. Generally speaking those with liquid ink provide a consistent free-flowing line, no surprise that I’m looking forward to reviewing the Staedtler liquid point 5.

Staedtler Liquid Point 5 Blue


Here’s my take on the attributes of the Staedtler Liquid Point 5

The grey plastic barrel has a neat looking black oval panel on either side, subtly peppered by rows of small dots. One of the panels sports the logo, the other a batch of 6 sections each separated by short silver lines, can’t see that these serve any purpose other than visual but hey who am I to question a company with links in record books since 1662? Should you need a reminder of the ink colour when your pen is sat in whatever storage system you use on the desk, a quick glance of the end cap will suffice. The transparent ink feed level section also acts as a grip & is met by a colour coded housing surrounding the needle tip. The cap is a couple of shades darker than the barrel, as well as having a sturdy pocket clip there is a handy insert at the tip to identify the ink colour.

Quick drying ink

Free flowing, non smear ink producing smooth lines no matter what speed I write at.

I noticed when more pressure was exerted this rollerball skipped a little, not too much but it did leave the odd gap in the text.

When writing Personally I have the habit of pausing for thought mid sentence, this did lead to a couple of unwanted blobs appearing on the page. Hard to say if its an issue with this particular pen, as it tends to be a foible of liquid ink rollerballs due to having a lower viscosity than say that of gel ink

To conclude, I sampled the blue ink (also available in black, red & green) & found it to be generally smooth & consistent to write with (with exception of the small blobs mentioned previously). The colour was appealing & bright, the 0.25mm line would help should you need to make notes in a small space.

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