How Long is a Pen?

What is the Length of a Pen

There are thousands of pens in the world made by hundreds of different manufacturers and it got us to thinking as to what the average length of a pen is? There are no set standards that to be classed as a ballpoint pen you must be a certain amount of length in mm, cm or inches.

Yet when you are in a stationery store that sells lots of different pens they all look similar in length. This means that the pen manufacturers must have done testing to find the optimal length of their pens. So we dug a little deeper well actually a lot deeper and looked at the length of the pens that are sold by one of the major online retailers to find out how long is a pen?

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How Far Will A Ballpoint Pen Write?

How Far Will A Ballpoint Pen Write

This is awesome: Researchers at the University of Reading are studying a wide assortment of ballpoint pens available in the UK to determine how they perform and why.the interesting part is how far will a ballpoint pen write and it produced some surprising results.

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Why a Pen is a ‘Biro’ in the UK

Bic Biro Pens

For our American readers, a pen is usually just a pen. But those of you in the UK know that cheap ballpoints are often referred to as “biros.” If you’ve ever wondered about the reason for that, it’s this:

The first ballpoint pen, utilizing a steel ball bearing held in place by a socket, was developed in the late 19th century by a man named John Loud. Unfortunately, his invention didn’t work too well on paper and was used mainly for marking leather, according to a report from the BBC.

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