How Long is a Pen?

What is the Length of a Pen

There are thousands of pens in the world made by hundreds of different manufacturers and it got us to thinking as to what the average length of a pen is? There are no set standards that to be classed as a ballpoint pen you must be a certain amount of length in mm, cm or inches.

Yet when you are in a stationery store that sells lots of different pens they all look similar in length. This means that the pen manufacturers must have done testing to find the optimal length of their pens. So we dug a little deeper well actually a lot deeper and looked at the length of the pens that are sold by one of the major online retailers to find out how long is a pen?

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10 Reasons Why Fountain Pens are Better Than Ballpoints

10 Reasons Why Fountain Pens Are Better Than BallpointPens

Are Fountain Pens Better Than Ballpoint Pens?

Fountain pens are better than ballpoint pens because they are more comfortable to hold, are smoother to write with, and can create line variations with their flexible nibs. They are more customizable, with a vast range of ink colors to choose from.

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First Time Buyers Guide to Fountain Pens

Why do I need a Fountain Pen

(Editor’s note: This post was written by Tyler Dahl, a fountain pen restorer with extensive knowledge of these classic writing instruments. It was originally written as a 3 part series but has been edited into a single post for your convenience.)

Hello to all of you who are reading this article! My goal here today with The First Time Buyers Guide to Fountain pens is to help you in picking out your first fountain pen! It’s a difficult decision, and selecting the right one can be difficult. There are so many options, and with all the great articles and reviews out there, it can be mind-boggling to a beginner.

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The 10 Best Fountain Pens Costing Less than £20.00

10 Best Fountain Pens Under 20.00


Angie Thistelewood a keen fountain pen enthusiast has kindly sent us her review of what she believes are the best fountain pens that are under £20.00 to purchase. She has given a full review of the 10 best fountain pens which include writing performance, nib sizes, and cost of ownership.

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Why I Don’t Use Fountain Pens

Fountain Pen Distracts

OK, I’m going to just come out and say it: I don’t like using fountain pens.

I like looking at beautifully made fountain pens. I like handling them. And I love the idea of using fountain pens. But when it actually comes time to put ink on paper, I’ll take a good gel or rollerball pen every time. Heck, even a ballpoint, if it comes to that.

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