The Complete Guide to Paper Mate Pens

Complete Guide to Paper Mate Pens

Are you unsure which Paper-Mate Pen to buy?

The complete guide to Paper-Mate pens shows you every pen that Paper Mate makes what colors are available and the different tip sizes

This includes Paper-Mate ballpoint pens, gel pens, and the excellent Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens.

Papermate pens were started in the 1940s as the Frawley Pen Company. In 1949, the Paper Mate Ballpoint Pen was introduced, and it was the first fast-drying ballpoint pen that did not leak.

Now, Paper Mate has tons of different pen options, from their standard ballpoint pen to erasable pens to colorful felt-tipped pens.

We’ll cover all their options so you can figure out which Paper Mate pen is right for you.

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