Uni-ball Magik Girl Erasable Pen Review

I’ve often heard it said its hard to change a first impression. When I first saw this erasable pen I had high hopes, its a fun looking pen that wouldn’t be out of place in any little girls purse or satchel.

Uni Ball UF 109 Assorted

I decided to pick the pen up & my eyes were drawn to the little icon on the pocket clip, she looked just like Elizabeth Montgomery aka Samantha, the cute looking witch who was married to mere mortal Darrin, in the popular TV show Bewitched that ran from the mid 60’s/70’s.

The Uni-ball Magik Girl erasable pen is bright & colourful with lots of interest to draw the eye. Its a rollerball that Uni-ball say you can “write – make it disappear with your cap – re- write” well you can but……my experience wasn’t quite the wizadry I had expected. Never one to give up easily, I tried several times & found the best results came from rubbing in small circles, but it needed some pressure making me wonder if small hands & fingers would get the same results.

Available in a range of seven different colours (black, blue, red, green, light blue, pink & violet)

the 0.7mm tip does write a nice smooth line. The gel ink is heat sensitive, & is apparently what creates the (Magik) in allowing the text to be erased.

Maybe I’m being overly critical but although appealing to my eye, this pen didn’t deliver the magic for me & on this occasion my first impression was reversed quicker than I could wave a wand!

Editors Update Sadly these pens are now discontinued but if you are looking to buy a new erasable pen then check out our Complete Guide to Erasable Pens. If you have already made a mistake with a normal pen then try the recommendations on how to cleanly erase pen ink from paper.


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