The Parker Pen Refill Guide (Types, Sizes & Alternatives)

Do you have a Parker pen and are wondering what refills it takes? Or if there is an alternative that is cheaper? Maybe you want to know if there is a refill with a finer tip available.

In this guide, we show you all the different types of refills Parker makes for their pens and their sizes as well as any alternatives which can often be cheaper than a genuine Parker refill.

1. Parker Ballpoint Pen Refills

Genuine Parker Ballpoint Pen Refills

All Parker ballpoint pens use the same refills, so it does not matter if you have a top-of-the-range ballpoint pen such as a Parker Duofold costing 100’s of dollars. Or if you have a Parker Vector ballpoint pen costing 10 dollars the refill is the same.

Parker ballpoint refills are known as G2 style or G2 pattern refills this is historical dating back to when Parker first patented their ballpoint pen refills. For a long time because of the patent, no other pen manufacturer could make a compatible version of a Parker refill.

Eventually, Parker relinquished the patent and there are now a lot of alternative parker refills that you can buy online. We cover this in detail later on in the section Parker Style Refills where we show you exactly which other pen brands and refills are compatible with Parker ballpoint pens.

There are 3 genuine parker ballpoint refills made by Parker, fine, medium, and broad. These are known as Parker Quinkflow refills. Quink is a derivation of quick and ink referring to the quick-drying properties of the ink in these refills.

Genuine Parker refills are available in the following sizes and colors:

  • Fine 0.5mm – Black & Blue Ink
  • Medium =0.7mm Black, Blue & Red Ink
  • Broad – Black & Blue Ink

1.1. Parker Parker Style Refills (G2 Compatible)

If you are looking for an alternative refill for your Park pen there are 22 different pen manufacturers that make nearly 40 different Parker-style G2 refills.

These include ballpoint, gel, and hybrid ink refills check out The Ultimate Parker Style G2 Refill Buyers Guide for more information.

You may also want to check out our Parker Ballpoint Pens Ultimate Guide where you can find details of all the different current ballpoint opens that Parker makes.

2. Parker Fountain Pen Refills

Parker fountain pens can be refilled with either ink cartridges or bottled ink with the use of an ink convertor.

2.1. Parker Quink Ink Cartridges

Parker Ink Cartridges

Parker fountain pens can only be refilled with Parker ink cartridges. They are specifically designed for Parker fountain pens and cannot be used in any other brand of a fountain pens.

Parker Ink cartridges are available as either a long or mini cartridge and both sizes will fit in all Parker fountain pens. The cartridges contain Quink (quick drying ink) and are available in the following colors:

  • Parker Long Ink Cartridges – Black, Blue, Washable Blue
  • Parker Mini Ink Cartridges – Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Washable Blue

For those no familiar with washable blue ink cartridges it simply means that the ink can be washed out of clothes. This dates to when fountain pens were commonly used by children in schools and let us face it accidents sometimes happen.

2.2. Parker Bottled Inks

Parker Bottled Ink

Parker fountain pens can be refilled with bottled ink by using an ink convertor. Any brand of ink can be used but there are only three colors of genuine bottled Parker fountain pen ink.

The ink is Parkers Quink (quick drying ink) and it is supplied in 57ml bottles and available in either black, blue, or washable blue ink.

2.3. Parker Ink Converters

Parker Ink Converters

To use bottled ink in a fountain pen then you need to use an ink converter. This is simply an ink storage reservoir with a mechanism to draw the ink out of the bottle. Parker uses a twist-action piston fill converter to refill their pens with bottled ink.

Inside the converter is a plunger and when a fountain pen nib is dipped into an ink bottle twisting the grooved end of the converter moves the plunger up the ink reservoir and draws the ink through the nib into the reservoir.

There are three different Parker ink converters available, and these are:

  • Deluxe Piston Fill Converter CT (chrome trim) – Twist Action
  • Deluxe Piston Fill Converter GT (gold trim) – Twist Action
  • Standard Piston Fill Converter – Pump Action

Note the ink is drawn into the standard piston fill converter by sliding the black slide up and down three or four times.

3. Parker Gel Refills

Parker Gel Refills

Parker also makes a Parker Quink ballpoint pen gel ink refill which is a bit of a contradiction as it is not for a gel pen. Check out Ballpoint, Rollerball, or Gel? for more information on the different types of pens.

The Parker gel refill will fit all parker ballpoint pens it has a black barrel, 0.7mm medium tip and it is available in black, blue, or red ink.

The 2021 Parker trade catalog also lists a “New Gel Economy Refill” this has a blue barrel and a 0.7mm tip. It is available in black or blue ink but there is no further information about how it is different from the black barrelled gel refill.

If you are looking for a compatible Parker gel refill then these are listed a bit further on in the Parker Style refills section.

4. Parker Jotter Refills

Parker Jotter BP PM BD ST BK GT OHV

Parker Jotters are ballpoint pens therefore any Parker ballpoint or gel ink refill will fit. If you are looking for a greater variety of ink colors then generic Parker refills will also fit as they are the standard G2 size refills. These can be found in the Parker Style refills section.

5. Parker Pen Refill Dimensions

Parker ballpoint pen refills are 98.1mm in length, 5.8mm in diameter with a front section length of 23.2mm. These dimensions conform to the G2 pen refills size as stated in ISO standard 12757.

Parker rollerball refills are in length, 7.1mm in diameter and the tip section is 15mm in length they are a custom size and can only be used to refill Parker rollerball pens.

6. Parker Rollerball Refills

Genuine Parker Rollerball Pen Refills

Parker rollerball refills contain a smooth writing liquid ink and are available with a 0.5mm fine or 0.7mm medium tip. There is a choice of three ink colors which are black, blue, and red.

6.1. Parker Compatible Rollerball Refills

Parker rollerball refills are a custom patented size, this means that there are no compatible or alternative refills that fit Parker rollerball pens.

There are some cheap illegal Chinese copies of Parker rollerball refills for sale on eBay and Amazon but do you really want to put one of these in your pen?

Parker Style Refills (G2 Compatible)

7. Parker 5th Refills

Parker 5th Refill

Parker introduced their 5th generation technology pens in 2012 with a hail of publicity heralding their new Ingenuity pens as an innovative new writing system” that will “revolutionize the look and feel of putting pen to paper.” These pens had a metallic hood and flexible polypropylene tip.

Check Out Parker Ingenuity Collection the Almost Fountain Pen for more details. By 2020 they had quietly removed the 5th Pens from their catalog and website.

The refills are still available to buy and can be found with either a fine or medium tip and a choice of black or blue ink.

8. Parker Fibre Tip Refills

Parker Fibre Tip Refill

Vintage Parker pens such as the Parker 25, 45 & 75 were fitted with a Parker fiber tip refill. These have long been discontinued and there are no alternative refills that will fit.

There are two options to convert these pens to accept a ballpoint pen refill.

The first is to contact Darryl at More Engineering to make a bespoke adapter.

The other is to use a 3D printed adapter that takes a D1 pen refill.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the answers to questions that are most asked about Parker Pen Refills.

9.1. Are Parker Pen Refills Universal?

Parker G2 ballpoint pen refills will fit all Parker ballpoint pens and any other brand of pen that uses the G2 Iso Standard pen refills.

Parker rollerball pen refills are a bespoke size and only fit Parker rollerball pens.

For more information on the different types of refills Check out our Pen Refill Guide.

9.2. Are Parker Rollerball and Ballpoint Refills Interchangeable?

No the size and shape of a Parker rollerball pen refill and a Parker ballpoint pen refill are completely different.

9.3. Do Parker Refills Fit Mont Blanc Pens?

Parker refills do not fit Mont Blanc Pens if you have a Montblanc Pen with a Parker style G2 refill then it is almost definitely a fake.

9.4. Do Parker Refills Fit Sheaffer Pens?

The Sheaffer Sagaris, Taranis & Stylus pen ranges are fitted with a ballpoint refill “T” Style which is a G2 refill. Therefore you should be able to fit a Parker refill to these pens. All other Sheaffer pens use different refills therefore the Parker refills will not fit these.

9.5. How Long Do Parker Gel Refills Last?

Parker gel pens will write for approximately 600 meters, gel pens don’t last as long as ballpoint pens. Check out our guide How Far Does a Ballpoint Pen Write for more details.

9.6. How Long Does a Parker Ballpoint Refill Last?

A parker ballpoint refill will write approximately 3500 meters which are nearly 6 times longer than a gel pen refill.

10. Where Can I Buy Cheap Parker Refills From?

If you are looking to save money and buy cheap Parker refills then Amazon is probably as good as anywhere. There are plenty of other online stores that will sell them but they struggle to compete with Amazon on prices and postal costs.

Buy Parker Refills on Amazon

If you also have a different brand of pen, check out Pen Refill Guides, where there is a complete list of our in-depth refill guides for each manufacturer.


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